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Agartha, HTML5 Playable Demo, Version 2.4

12-15-2010 by Johnny L. de Alba

Agartha is an Ecco the Dolphin inspired game developed in HTML5 about a bottlenosed dolphin named Kuros who has to stop parasite like creatures called the Moirae from contaminating the seas of Agartha. As Kuros you will travel throughout Agartha collecting weapons created by an ancient race called the Lemurians. The weapons can be anything from bombs, to laser canons, to photon torpedoes (called sprites in this version).

As a dolphin, you will have to constantly surface for air, feed on fish to replenish Kuro's health and use weapons to fight off sharks, jellyfish and the strongest of all enemies; the Moirae.


  • Demonstration version of the game features a single completable level with a boss.
  • The level features a quest that involves collecting coins needed to reach the exit.
  • Beating the first level leads to a level select screen that features a collection of weapons, three of which are hidden weapons.
  • Unlock the photon torpedo, the shield device and the mega bomb.
  • Unlock two never before seen levels that didn't make it pass the development phase.

Four levels were developed with one of them never implemented into the source code. Level 2 was only partially completed while level 4 was completed design-wise, only lacking barriers and enemies. The graphics used for the levels were the deciding factor that lead to the HTML version being scrapped. A newer flash version will contain newer background artwork, using tiles that will largely benefit a future version of the game.

This HTML5 version of Agartha implemented two weapons that never made it into the final version of the game. These weapons were the megabomb and photon torpedo, besides weapons there was also a shield. The stronger hidden weapons were designed to be used on future levels where they would be needed, because this version of the game was not completed, the weapons were hidden in the source code, awaiting a time to be unlocked.

Play Agartha, HTML5 Playable Demo, Version 2.4

If you complete the first level and beat the boss you will be taken to a level select screen.

Unlock the hidden photon torpedo and unleash the fury of hell on your enemies.

Protect yourself from harm using a shield made up of energy that will block your enemies attacks.

2010 © Johnny L. de Alba